Cabot John

Probably a native of Genoa. Became a citizen of Venice,

March 28, 1476, and at that time had been a resident of the city for

fifteen years. Went to England, and in 1497, under the direct authority

of Henry VII, sailed to the westward on a voyage of discovery. Landed on

the shores of America, but his exact landfall has been a moot point. It

is now generally believed that it was the easternmost cape of Cape

Breton. The f
llowing year sailed again, but there is no record that he

ever returned from this second voyage. =Bib.=: Beazley, John and

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and Sebastian Cabot. =Cabot, Sebastian= (1477?-1557?). Son of John

Cabot. His share in the discovery of North America has been the subject

of much controversy. From having once been regarded as the sole

discoverer, it is now considered doubtful that he had anything to do

with the voyages of 1497 and 1498. He was in the service of Spain, and

also of England, receiving from Edward VI the title of Grand Pilot of

England. =Bib.=: Biddle, Memoir of Sebastian Cabot; Nicholls, Life of

Sebastian Cabot; Tarducci, John and Sebastian Cabot. These are

favourable to Sebastian's claims. See references under preceding entry

for the other side of the controversy.