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Hudson's Bay Company

Continued search for the Northwest Passage.—Some of the same men who represented the Carolinas now extended English enterprises to the region of Hudson Bay. The English search for the Northwest Passage had not ended with the sixteenth century

The West Indies

The Company of St. Christopher.—In 1625 a small brigantine commanded by Pierre d'Esnambuc and Urbain de Roissey, "the pirate of Dieppe," sailed to the West Indies. After escaping from a Spanish galleon near Jamaica, they proceeded to St. Chri

History of Puerto Rico

Agriculture In Puerto Rico

After the cessation of the gold produce, when the colonists were forced by necessity to dedicate themselves to agriculture, they met with many adverse conditions: The incursions of the Caribs, the hurricanes of 1530 and 1537, the emigration to Pe

Attack On San Juan By The Hollanders Under Bowdoin

1625 Holland emancipated itself from Spanish domination in 1582 and assumed the title of "the United Provinces of Netherland." After nearly half a century of an unequal struggle with the most powerful kingdom in Europe, the people's faith in fina

Attacks By French Privateers - Cause Of The War With France - Charles V - Ruin Of The Island

1520-1556 The depredations committed by the privateers, which about this time began to infest the Antilles and prey upon the Spanish possessions, were a result of the wars with almost every nation in Europe, in which Spain became involved after t

Auriferous Streams And Gold Produced From

1509 TO 1536 If a systematic exploration were practised to-day, by competent mineralogists, of the entire chain of mountains which intersects the island from east to west, it is probable that lodes of gold-bearing quartz or conglomerate, worth wo

British Attacks On Puerto Rico - Siege Of San Juan By Sir Ralph Abercrombie

1678-1797 The entente cordiale which had existed between England under Charles I and Spain under Philip IV ceased with the tragic death of the first-named monarch. Immediately after Cromwell's elevation both France and Spain made overtures for

History of the Irish

How Ireland Became The Most Learned Country In Europe

In old pagan times, long before the arrival of St. Patrick, there were schools in Ireland taught by druids. And when at last Christianity came, and was spreading rapidly over the land, those old schools were still held on; but they were no longer

How Irish Handicraftsmen Excelled In Their Work

All the chief materials for the work of the various crafts were produced at home. Of wood there was no stint: and there were mines of copper, iron, lead, and possibly of tin, which were worked with intelligence and success. From the most remote

How Irish Missionaries And Scholars Spread Religion And Learning In Foreign Countries

Towards the end of the sixth century the great body of the Irish were Christians, so that the holy men of Ireland were able to turn their attention to the conversion of other people. Then arose an extraordinary zeal for spreading religion and lear

How Kings Chiefs And People Were Subject To The Brehon Laws

The ancient Irish had a system of laws which grew up gradually among them from time immemorial. And there were lawyers who made law the business of their lives, and lived by it. When a lawyer was very distinguished, and became noted for his knowle

How The Ancient Irish Excelled In Art

The old Irish people became wonderfully skilful in some branches of Art; and many specimens of their handiwork still remain--preserved through the wreck of ages--which exceed in beauty of design and in perfection of execution all works of the kind