In 1869, the survivors of the early occupants of York, Upper Canada,

formed themselves into a Society entitled The Pioneers, for the joint

purpose of mutual conference, and of gathering together and preserving

whatever memorials of the local Past might be found to be yet extant.

The names of the members of this Association are subjoined, all of whom

were resident at York customably or occasionally, at some period prior

to March 6th, 1834, when the name of the town was changed to Toronto.

The date which precedes each group shows the year in which the members

included in the group became identified with York, whether by birth or

otherwise. In numerous instances, the father of the individual named in

the following list, having been the establisher of a family in these

parts and its first breadwinner here, was the true pioneer. (By a change

in the original constitution of the Society, the sons and descendants of

the first members of the Association, and of all the first grantees or

occupants of land in the county of York, as defined in 1798, are, on

their attaining the age of 40 years, eligible to be members.)

1794.--Edward Simcoe Wright, Toronto.--Isaac White, do.

1795.--Lieut. Francis Button, Buttonville.

1797.--John Thompson, Toronto.

1798.--Hon. W. B. Robinson, Toronto.--John Bright, do.

1799.--John W. Gamble, Pine Grove, Vaughan.

1800.--Andrew Heron, Toronto.--Cornelius Van Nostrand, Yonge Street.

1801.--Robert Bright, Toronto.

1805.--John Murchison, Toronto.

1806.--Hon. H. J. Boulton, Toronto.--William Cawthra, do.--John Ridout,


1808.--Rev. Saltern Givins, Toronto.--Allan Macdonell, do.--Joseph

Gould, ex-M.P.P., Uxbridge.--James Marshall, Youngstown, N.Y.

1809.--Judge G. S. Jarvis, Cornwall--William Roe, Newmarket.

1810.--Rev. William MacMurray, D.D., Niagara.--Richard P. Willson,

Holland Landing.

1811.--George Bostwick, Yorkville.--Joseph Lawrence, Collingwood.--Rev.

D. McMullen, Picton.

1812.--Francis H. Heward, Toronto.--William Dougall, Picton.

1813.--R. E. Playter, Toronto.--George Snider, M.P.P., Owen

Sound.--Capt. Thomas G. Anderson, Cobourg.

1814.--Lieut.-Col. Richard L. Denison, Toronto.--Henry B. Heward, do.

1815.--R. G. Anderson, Toronto.--George Monro, do.--Dr. George Crawford,


1816.--Col. George T. Denison, Toronto.--Ven. Archdeacon Fuller,

do.--Lieut.-Col. W. M. Button, Buttonville.--Capt. Robert Brock Playter,

Queenston.--Thomas Montgomery, Etobicoke.

1817.--R. H. Oates, Toronto.--Charles Stotesbury, do.--Sheriff B. W.

Smith, Barrie.--Robert Petch, Toronto.--J. W. Drummond, do.--Alex.

Stewart, do.--James Stafford, do.

1818.--James Beaty, M.P., Toronto.--J. O. Bouchier, Georgina.--John

Doel, senior, Toronto.--John Doel, junior, do.--James Gedd, do.--Thomas

Humphrey, do.--John Harper, do.--John Moore, do.--William Reynolds,

do.--James Sparks, do.

1819.--W. B. Phipps, Toronto.--Grant Powell, Ottawa.--F. H. Medcalf,

Toronto, ex-Mayor.--Robert H. Smith, Newmarket.--John Raper,

Toronto.--John B. Bagwell, Hamilton.

1820.--W. J. Coates, Toronto.--Alexander Hamilton, do.--Clarke Gamble,

do.--Hon. J. G. Spragge, do.--W. H. Lee, Ottawa.--Dr. John Turquand,

Woodstock.--Charles L. Helliwell, Stayner.--William Helliwell, Highland

Creek.--Edward Musson, Toronto.--Thomas J. Wallis, do.

1821.--Lieut.-Col. Robert B. Denison, Toronto.--William Barber, M.P.P.,

Springfield.--Henry Sproatt, Toronto.--John Eastwood, Port

Elgin.--Edward C. Fisher, Humber.--William Duncan, York

Township.--Jonathan Scott, Toronto.--Charles Scadding, do.--Rev. Dr.

Scadding, do.

1822.--Lieut.-Col. Frederick Wells, Davenport.--Stephen M. Jarvis,

Toronto.--John Helliwell, do.

1823.--Hon. David Reesor, Markham.--Major John Paul, Weston.--John

Small, M.D., Toronto.--James McMullen, do.--Alderman Adamson, do.--James

Duncan, York Township.

1824.--Rev. Dr. Richardson, Toronto.--Matthew Teefy, Richmond

Hill.--John Bell, Toronto.--Charles Lount, do.--Robert Young,

Georgetown.--Rufus Skinner, Toronto.

1825.--Allan McLean Howard, Toronto.--D. O. Brooke, do.--Thomas

Helliwell, do.--Thomas Armstrong, do.--James Taylor, Eglinton.

1826.--James Stitt, Toronto.--Ishmael Iredale, do.--David Burns,

do.--Alex. Caird, Weston.

1827.--Col. Kingsmill, Toronto.--Stephen Heward, do.--William Hewitt,

do.--H. B. Holland, do.--Geo. Leslie, Leslieville.--W. L'Estarge,

Toronto.--Thomas J. Preston, do.--William H. Doel, do.--Andrew Sieber,


1828.--James Barber, Georgetown.--H. R. Corson, Markham.--Matthew Drew,

Toronto.--G. B. Holland, do.--Thomas A. Milne, Markham.--Dr. Ogden,

Toronto.--James R. Armstrong, do.--C. P. Reid, do.

1829.--Thomas D. Harris, Toronto.--Hon. Joseph C. Morrison, do.--Thomas

Meredith, do.--Archibald Barker, Markham.--W. R. Harris,

Toronto.--Robert Defries, do.--Capt. Robert Kerr, do.--R. B. Miller,

do.--Capt. John McGann, do.--J. Merritt, St. Catharines.--Samuel Platt,

Toronto.--J. C. Small, do.--William Quigley, do.--Alex. Rennie,

Hamilton.--John Kitson, Toronto.--Robert Hill, do.

1830.--Hon. W. P. Howland, Lieut.-Governor, Toronto.--John Wallis,

do.--Peter Hutty, Yorkville, do.--Philip Armstrong, Yorkville.--G. M.

Hawke, Toronto.--Alderman Spence, do.--Alex. Munro, do.--Thomas Metcalf,

do.--James Farrell, do.--Thomas Storm, do.--W. G. Storm, do.--Duncan

Macdonell, Montreal.--Edward Copping, Toronto.

1831.--James G. Worts, Toronto.--Thomas Swinarton, ex-M.P.P.,

Coventry.--James Acheson, Toronto.--George Henderson, do.--Samuel

Rogers, do.--John Small, do.--John Nixon, do.--Alfio de Grassi,

do.--Frederick Milligan, do.--George Balfour, do.--Jeremiah Iredale,

do.--James Ashfield, do.--Robert Fowler, do.--John Jacques, do.--Andrew

T. McCord, do.--John Argue, do.--Noah L. Piper, do.

1832.--Sir Francis Hincks, Ottawa.--William Gooderham, senior,

Toronto.--Isaac Gilmour, do.--John Paterson, do.--Samuel Bowman,

do.--John Brown, do.--John Carr, do.--Capt. C. G. Fortier, do.--George

Graham, do.--John G. Howard, Humber Bay.--A. K. Boomer, Toronto.--Thomas

Lailey, do.--Thomas Mara, Do.--William Osborne, do.--Wm. Rowland,

do.--Wm. Steers, Stratford.--John Bugg, Toronto.--C. W. Cooper,

do.--James Severs, do.--Arthur Crawford, do.--Thomas Clarkson,

do.--Robert Dodds, do.--John Evans, Montreal.--William Freeland,

Toronto.--George Price, do.--David Kennedy, do.

1833.--William Arthurs, Toronto.--Robert Beekman, do.--Thomas Burgess,

do.--John Dill, do.--Edward Dack, do.--Wm. Henderson, do.--Robert

Hornby, M.D., do.--W. M. Jamieson, do.--Wm. Lea, Don, York

Township.--John Lawder, Eglinton.--John P. Smith, Toronto.--John

Shanklin, do.--Samuel Thompson, do.--Alfred Willson, do.--Alex. Muir,

Newmarket.--John Gartshore, Toronto.--Samuel Westman, do.--Thomas

Dewson, Bradford.--W. Barchard, Toronto.--John Watson, York

Township.--William Grubbe, Weston.--J. A. Donaldson, Toronto.--John

Levs, do.

Under recent By-law.--Henry Quetton St. George, Toronto.--Hon. Member,

Dr. Canniff, Toronto.