Callieres Louis-hector De 1646?-1703 Born At Cherbourg Son Of

Jacques de Callieres, governor of Cherbourg. Entered the army, and

became captain of the regiment of Navarre. In 1684 came to Canada as

governor of Montreal; and in 1699 appointed governor-general of the

colony. Died at Quebec. =Index=: (Count Frontenac era) Memorandum by, on French claims in

Hudson Bay, 204; commands regular troops in attack on Iroquois, 209;

sent to France to represent situation of colony, 230; leads eight

hundred men from Montreal to defence of Quebec, 292; commands vanguard

in attack on Onondagas, 351; commended in despatches, 353; succeeds

Frontenac as governor, 362. (Bishop Laval era) Placed in charge of Fort Frontenac

(Cataraqui), 214; proceeds to France, 218; succeeds Frontenac as

governor, 235; death of, 235. =Bib.=: Sulte, La Famille de Callieres

(R. S. C., 1890); Parkman, Half Century of Conflict.