Campbell Robert 1808-1894 Entered Service Of Hudson's Bay Company

1832, and sent to the Mackenzie River district, 1834. For the next

eighteen years, engaged in exploring the upper waters of the Liard and

Yukon Rivers, and establishing the fur trade in this region. In 1852

made a remarkable journey on snow-shoes, from Fort Simpson to Crow-wing,

Minnesota, about three thousand miles. Made a chief factor, 1867, and

retired from the service of the Company, 1871. =Index=: (Sir James Douglas era) Build

Dease, 1838, 123-124; ordered to Mackenzie River department, 1834, 124;

crosses to Pacific by Stikine, 124; Fort Dease burned, 124; ascends

Liard River to Lake Francis, crosses to Lake Finlayson, and reaches

Pelly River, 124; builds post on Lake Francis, and at Pelly Banks, 124;

descends Pelly to junction with Lewes, 124; builds Fort Selkirk at mouth

of Lewes, 124; descends Yukon to mouth of Porcupine, and returns to Fort

Simpson by Porcupine and Mackenzie, 125. (Mackenzie / Selkirk / Simpson era) Ascends Liard River and

discovers the Upper Yukon, 111; a Perthshire Highlander, 228; discoverer

of Upper Yukon, 228. =Bib.=: Discovery and Exploration of the Youcon

River. For biog., see Bryce, Sketch of the Life and Discoveries of

Robert Campbell and Hudson's Bay Company; Laut, Conquest of the

Great North-West; Burpee, Search for the Western Sea.