Cameron Duncan

Son of a United Empire Loyalist; born at Schenectady,

on the Mohawk. His father brought the family to Canada, and settled in

Glengarry. The son entered the service of the North West Company, in

1786, and was for many years in charge of the Nipigon district. In 1814

sent to Red River, to oppose Selkirk's plans. In 1816, before the Seven

Oaks affair, seized by Colin Robertson, of the Hudson's Bay Company,

carried to York
Factory, and sent to England, where he was promptly

released. Returned to Canada, settled at Williamstown, and represented

Glengarry from 1820 to 1824 in the Assembly of Upper Canada. =Index=:

(Mackenzie / Selkirk / Simpson era) Sent by North West Company to Red River to break up Red River

Colony, 173; wins ten colonists from their allegiance to Selkirk, 173;

takes them to Upper Canada, 174; captured by Semple and sent to York

Factory, and finally to England, 178. =Bib.=: Bryce, Manitoba and

Hudson's Bay Company; Laut, Conquest of the Great North-West;

Masson, Bourgeois de la Compagnie du Nord-Ouest. Cameron's Sketch of

the Customs, etc., of the Natives in the Nipigon Country, and Nipigon

Journal, 1804-1805, are in Masson, vol. 2.