Cameron Malcolm 1808-1876 Elected To Assembly Of Upper Canada For

Lanark, 1836. A persistent opponent of the Family Compact. Appointed

inspector of revenue, under Bagot. Held various offices in the La

Fontaine-Baldwin and Hincks administrations. In 1863 resigned his seat,

to accept appointment as Queen's Printer. Represented South Lanark in

Dominion House, 1874-1876. =Index: B= Opposes George Brown in Kent and

Lambton, 1851, 40, 41; a Clear Grit, who had joined Hincks-Morin

, 40-41; defeated by Brown, 77. (Baldwin / La Fontaine / Hincks era) Opens discussion on

responsible government, 1841, 90; assistant commissioner of public

works, 1848, 284; a bitter opponent of Sir F.B. Head--held minor office

under Bagot, radical in his sympathies, 284; his resignation, 337; a

leader of the Radicals, 341. (Lord Elgin era) Elected 1847, 50; becomes assistant

commissioner of public works, in La Fontaine-Baldwin ministry, 53; a

leading member of Clear Grits, 110; joins Hincks-Morin government, 112;

president of the Executive Council, 113; becomes minister of new

department of agriculture, 117; postmaster-general, 1853, 126; defeated

in Lambton, 134; advocates complete secularization of Clergy Reserves,

163. (Egerton Ryerson era) Opposes separate schools, 224. =Bib.=: Rose, Cyc. Can. Biog.;

Dent, Can. Por. and Last Forty Years; Morgan, Cel. Can.