Caen Guillaume De

(Samuel de Champlain era) Head of Company formed by Montmorency, 131,

132; difficulties with the old Company, 133 et seq.; returns to

France, 136; comes out to Canada, and returns to France, 138; arrives

with supplies, June, 1624, 140; sails for France, 141; brings out Jesuit

fathers, 152; appoints Raymond de la Ralde as admiral of Company's

fleet, 155; disposed to overlook murder of a Frenchman by an Indian,

161; his character as given by Theodat-Sagard, 182; Cardinal Richelieu

suspicious of, 183; his merchandise seized by Kirke, 183; disagreement

with Kirke as to goods seized at Quebec, 217-222. (Count Frontenac era) Head of trading

Company, 23. =Bib.=: Douglas, Quebec in Seventeenth Century; Biggar,

Early Trading Companies of New France; Kirke, The First English

Conquest of Canada.