Cameron Sir Matthew Crooks 1822-1887 Born In Dundas Ontario

Educated at the Home District Grammar School, Toronto, and at Upper

Canada College; studied law and called to the bar of Upper Canada, 1849.

Sat in the Assembly for North Ontario, 1861-1863 and 1864-1867. Defeated

in North Ontario for election to the House of Commons, 1867. Elected to

the Ontario Assembly for East Toronto; provincial secretary, 1867-1871;

commissioner of crown lands, 1871-1872; leader of the opposition in the

Assembly, 1872-1876. Appointed judge of the Court of Queen's Bench,

1878; chief-justice of the Common Pleas Division of the High Court of

Justice, 1884. =Index: B= Seconds motion to submit Confederation scheme

to the people, 185. =Bib.=: Dent, Can. Por.; Rattray, The Scot in

British North America; Read, Lives of the Judges.