Burton Ralph

Served in the siege of Quebec. On July 29, 1759, in

command of thirteen companies of Grenadiers, and on September 2 wounded

at the battle of Montmorency. Appointed lieutenant-governor of Quebec

after the capture of the city. =Index=: (Wolfe / Montcalm era) Of the 48th, in action at

Montmorency, 142; holds troops in readiness on south shore opposite

Wolfe's Cove, 172, 183; commands reserve in battle of Plains, 189;

Wolfe's last orders to, 200; in battle of Ste. Foy, 258. (Sir Frederick Haldimand era) Governor

of Three Rivers, 41; ordered to West Indies, 42; leaves his family in

charge of Haldimand, 51; returns to Three Rivers, 53; replaces Gage at

Montreal, 53. =Bib.=: Doughty, Siege of Quebec; Wood, The Fight for