Burgoyne John 1723-1792 Born In England Educated At Westminster

and entered the army in 1740. In 1775 served in New England; second in

command, 1776, and lieutenant-general, 1777. In the latter year

succeeded General Carleton as commander-in-chief of the forces in

Canada. After several successful engagements with the Americans,

defeated at Saratoga in October, 1777. In 1782 commander-in-chief in

Ireland. =Index=: (Lord Dorchester era) Arrives with reinforcements, 144; marches up

Richelieu, 146; returns to England, 163; returns to Canada, haying been

promoted over head of Carleton, 171; his personal charm, 174; his

previous career, 175, 176; occupies Ticonderoga, 178; injudicious speech

of, 178; his surrender at Saratoga, 180; his defence of himself, 182.

(Sir Frederick Haldimand era) A court favourite, supersedes Carleton, 112; his disastrous

campaign, 113, 126; Hamilton's expedition compared to his, 168. =Bib.=:

Dict. Nat. Biog.