Buller Charles 1806-1848 Born In Calcutta Entered Parliament In

1830; and called to the bar, 1831. In 1838 secretary to Lord Durham and

accompanied him on his momentous mission to Canada. In 1846 judge

advocate-general, and in 1847 chief poor law commissioner. =Index=: (Baldwin / La Fontaine / Hincks era)

His connection with Durham's Report, 235; on colonial self-government,

235. (Lord Sydenham era) Lord Durham's chief secretary, 98; object of great dislike to

Upper Canada Tories, 98; his speech in House of Commons on union

resolutions, 122; advocates responsible government for Canada, 123. (William Lyon Mackenzie era)

Credited with authorship of Lord Durham's Report, 82, 83. =Bib.=: Dict.

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