Daly Sir Dominick 1798-1868 Born In Ireland Came To Canada 1825

provincial secretary for Lower Canada, 1827-1840; provincial secretary

of Canada, 1841-1848. Left Canada, and appointed by the Imperial

government lieutenant-governor of Tobago, 1851-1854. Afterwards

lieutenant-governor of Prince Edward Island, 1854-1859; and governor of

South Australia, 1861-1868. =Index=: (Lord Sydenham era) Provincial secretary for Lower

Canada, 283. (Baldwin / La Fontaine / Hincks era) Provincial secretary for Lower Canada, 1841, 76; his

character, 78; Baldwin's confidence in, 79; retains office under La

Fontaine-Baldwin government, 134; remains in office when rest of Cabinet

resign, 213; defends Metcalfe, 214; sole adviser, 216; provincial

secretary, 247; proposal to throw him overboard, 263. (Lord Elgin era) Remains sole

adviser of Lord Metcalfe, 35. (Sir John A Macdonald era) Constitutes an administration of one,

19. =Bib.=: Dent, Can. Por. and Last Forty Years; Taylor, Brit.

Am.; Morgan, Cel. Can.; Davin, The Irishman in Canada.