Day Charles Dewey 1806-1884 Born In Bennington Vermont Came With

his parents to Canada, 1812. Called to the bar of Lower Canada, 1827;

created Q.C., 1837. Assisted in the prosecution of the insurgents who

had been arrested during the Rebellion of 1837-1838. Appointed

solicitor-general and called to the Special Council, 1839. Summoned by

Sydenham to the Executive Council, 1840, and subsequently elected to the

Assembly for the county of Ottawa. Appointed judge of the Court of

ench, 1842; transferred to the Superior Court, 1849; resigned,

1862. Acted as commissioner for the codification of the civil laws of

Quebec; as representative of Quebec on the Arbitration Commission

appointed under the British North America Act to settle the claims of

the provinces; and as chairman of the Royal Commission to investigate

the charges against the Macdonald government in connection with the

granting of the charter to build the Canadian Pacific Railway. Held the

office of chancellor of McGill University from 1857 until his death.

Died in England. =Index=: (Baldwin / La Fontaine / Hincks era) Solicitor-general for Lower Canada, 1841,

76; represents British interests, 78; Baldwin's attitude to, 80;

introduces School Bill, 107; elevated to bench, 122. (Lord Sydenham era)

Solicitor-general for Lower Canada, 283. (Lord Elgin era) Judge of Seigniorial Court,

187. =Bib.=: Taylor, Brit. Am.; Dent, Last Forty Years.