Dawson Sir John William 1820-1899 Born At Pictou Nova Scotia

Educated at Edinburgh University. Accompanied Sir Charles Lyell on his

geological explorations in Nova Scotia. Appointed superintendent of

education for Nova Scotia, 1850. Principal of McGill University,

1855-1893, and mainly instrumental in building up the institution from a

small college to one of the first rank. Elected F. G. S., 1854, and F.

R. S., 1862; knighted, 1884. First president of Royal Society of Canada.

Author of many works on geology and palaeontology. =Index=: (Tilley era)

Commissioner to investigate King's College, 48. =Bib.=: Works: Acadian

Geology; Story of the Earth and Man; Science and the Bible; Dawn

of Life; Origin of the World; Fossil Men; Change of Life in

Geological Times; Chain of Life; Egypt and Syria. For biog., see

Dict. Nat. Biog.; Dent, Can. Por.; Taylor, Brit. Am.; Morgan,

Can. Men; Cyc. Am. Biog.; Dawson, Fifty Years' Work in Canada.