The British authorities passed an ordinance in 1764 by which

the French Louis d'or and crown were kept in circulation. First step for

a revision of the currency was taken, 1795, when an Act was passed

fixing standard of values. So-called "army bills" were issued and used

between 1812 and 1820. In 1871 an Act was passed by the Dominion

Parliament establishing a uniform currency. =Index=: (Lord Elgin era) Decimal system

introduced by La Fontaine-Baldwin government, 86, (Bishop Laval era) In New France,

123. (John Graves Simcoe era) Act respecting, in Upper Canada, 94-95; insufficient supply of,

a great drawback, 111. =Bib.=: Johnson, First Things in Canada; Weir,

Sixty Years in Canada.