Dablon Claude 1619-1697 Born At Dieppe Educated At Paris And La

Fleche; joined Canadian mission, 1655; accompanied Chaumonot to Onondaga

territory, where he remained for three years; then returned to Quebec

and remained till 1661, when sent on a mission to Cree tribes in

district of Hudson Bay. In 1668 went with Marquette to Algonquian tribes

of Lake Superior. In 1770 named superior of Canadian missions and rector

of College at Quebec, but did not reach the St. Lawrence till following

year; held these positions until August, 1680, and from October, 1686,

to 1693. Edited the Relations of 1671 and 1672 and compiled others

relating to 1673-1679. Died at Quebec. =Index=: (Bishop Laval era) One of the founders

of the mission at Sault Ste. Marie, 11; dies of plague, 62; accompanies

mission to Gannentaha, 65; describes Laval's visit to Prairie de la

Madeleine, 74; quoted as to extent of Jesuit missions, 103; laments

absence of Laval, 140. =Bib.=: Jesuit Relations, ed. by Thwaites;

Campbell, Pioneer Priests of North America.