Crown Point

West side of Lake Champlain. Fort Frederic was built here

in 1731; rebuilt, 1734; and strengthened, 1742. It was blown up by

Bourlamaque, 1759, to prevent its falling into the hands of the British;

and the same year Amherst built a fort about two hundred yards west of

the site of Fort Frederic. This fort was captured, 1775, by Ethan

Allen's men; recaptured by Carleton the following year. Under the terms

of the treaty o
Paris, 1783, Crown Point became American territory.

See Arnold; Allen; Abercrombie; Montgomery. =Index=: (Lord Dorchester era) Seized by

Americans, 82; Arnold in his retreat burns houses at, 156. (Sir Frederick Haldimand era)

Haldimand commands battalion of Abercrombie's expedition by way of, 17;

fort built by Amherst at, 28; Haldimand asks that pay be allowed for,

90; vessels cruise up the lake to, 125; settlements near, to be

destroyed, 137; St. Leger sent to occupy, 211. =Bib.=: Crockett,

History of Lake Champlain; Smith, Our Struggle for the Fourteenth

Colony; Parkman, Montcalm and Wolfe.