Cuvillier Augustin

Entered public life in 1815 as member for

Huntingdon, which he represented almost continuously up to 1844. Speaker

of Assembly, 1841-1844. Died, 1849. =Index=: (Baldwin / La Fontaine / Hincks era) Nominated by Reformers

as Speaker of Legislature, 1841, 86; member for Huntingdon, 86; his

political views, 86; carries petition to Imperial government, 86; votes

against "Ninety-Two Resolutions," 86; government inclined to accept his

nomination, but tactics of Reformers make this impossible, 87; elected

Speaker, 88. (Louis Joseph Papineau era) Delegate to England to present grievances of

French-Canadians, 63; withdraws his support of Papineau, 86; loses his

seat in Assembly, 102. =Bib.=: Morgan, Cel. Can.