Cook Captain James 1728-1779 Served In Canada During Siege Of

Quebec, 1759. Discovered New Zealand, 1769, and New South Wales, 1770.

In his famous voyage of 1776-1778, explored the north-west coast of

America. Returning the following year, murdered by the natives of

Owhyhee or Hawaii, in the Sandwich Islands. =Index=: (Sir James Douglas era) At Nootka, 14;

motive of his voyage to North-West Coast, 17; his skill, courage, and

endurance, 19; search for North-West passage, 19; his voyage of 1778,

20; refits his ship at Nootka, 20; names the Sound, 20; denies existence

of Fonte's and De Fuca's channels, 21; discovers and names Prince

William's Sound and Cook's Inlet, 21; visits Unalaska, 21; sails through

and names Bering Strait, 21; reaches the Arctic, 21; killed by natives,

at Sandwich Islands, Feb. 14, 1779, 21; his narrative published, 1784,

21. =Bib.=: Voyage to the Pacific Ocean. For biog., see Besant,

Captain Cook; Laut, Vikings of the Pacific; Dict. Nat. Biog.