Company Of Rouen And St Malo Champlain's Company

Established at

the instance of Champlain, in 1614. The shares were divided among the

merchants of Rouen and St. Malo. The terms of their charter required the

Company to bring out colonists, but as usual they did not take this

obligation very seriously. They did, however, make one notable addition

to the population of New France, for in the spring of 1617 they brought

out Louis Hebert and his family. Hebert's experience as a colonist was

not such as to encourage others to follow his example. The Company's

monopoly was cancelled in 1620. =Index=: (Samuel de Champlain era) Formed by Champlain, 122;

its chief members, 122; terms of its charter, 122; pays large salary to

the Prince de Conde, 122; Champlain has trouble with 123, 125; the king

intervenes on his behalf, 126; colonists to be brought out, 127-129;

absorbed by Company of De Caen, 130, 137; conflict with new Company,

133-137. =Bib.=: Biggar, Early Trading Companies of New France;

Parkman, Pioneers of France.