(Bishop Laval era) Laval's interest in, 77; arrival of colonists from

La Rochelle, 1663-1664, 77; system of apprenticeship, 77-78; Sovereign

Council asks for men from north of France, 78; Bourdon brings out a

ship-load of girls, 79; soldiers of Carignan Regiment come out as

colonists, 79; Talon's immigration policy, 80; Colbert's opposition, 80.

(Count Frontenac era) Cartier's attempts at, 2; settlement at Port Royal, 6-7; at Quebec,

7-8; and the trading Companies, 19, 28; of Montreal, 33-34; marriageable

girls sent out, 57. (Samuel de Champlain era) Character of, in New France, 143-147; by

Company of New France, 168-169. (Sir James Douglas era) Impetus to, from western side, 2.