Norway House

Also known at one time as Jack River House. A post of

the Hudson's Bay Company, on Little Playgreen Lake, at the northern end

of Lake Winnipeg. The post formerly stood on Mossy Point, where the

Nelson River flows out of Lake Winnipeg, but was burnt to the ground

about 1826. The present fort was completed in 1828. It is described in

McLeod's Peace River, pp. 49-50. In Sir George Simpson's day, Norway

House was the headquarters of the Company, where the governor and

Council met annually to discuss and arrange its affairs. The name

originated in the fact that a party of Scandinavians had been employed

in building the old fort. =Index=: (Mackenzie / Selkirk / Simpson era) Selkirk colonists at Jack River,

163-164, 175; becomes headquarters of Hudson's Bay Company, 216;

Governor Simpson at, 1828, 233-236. =Bib.=: Bryce, Hudson's Bay

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