Nootka Sound

On west coast of Vancouver Island. Discovered and named

by Captain James Cook in 1778. Prior discovery in 1774 claimed by

Spaniards, but not established. They built a fort there in 1789, and

remained in possession until 1795, when the district was taken over on

behalf of Britain. Here Vancouver and Quadra carried on the negotiations

of 1792 for the restoration of the territory. =Index=: (Sir James Douglas era) Supposed to

have been visited by Perez, 14; visited by Cook, 14; Captain Cook refits

his ships at, 20; Gray and Kendrick at, in 1788-1789, 24; visited by

Metcalfe in 1789, 25; Spanish establishment at Friendly Cove in 1790,

26; Douglas arrives from Sandwich Islands, 28; Spaniards name the place

Port San Lorenzo, 28; Meares at, in 1788, 27; builds North-West

America there, 28; natives destroy American ship Boston and murder

crew, 1803, 37. =Bib.=: Bancroft, History of the North-West Coast;

Walbran, British Columbia Coast Names.