Elgin And His Time

Minutes of Executive Council, Correspondence,

registers, indexes, etc., Serie E. Military Correspondence, Serie C,

Volume No. 61. Letters of W. Macaulay to Civil Secretary as to seat of

Canadian Government, 1847, Serie M, Volume No. 662. Correspondence of

Governor-General's Secretary, Serie GS. Military Secretary's

Correspondence, Serie GS. Provincial Secretary's Correspondence, Serie

S. Original Blue Books, Serie E. C
rrespondence re removal of Niagara

Harbour and Dock Co., 1846-1847. Church of England, University of Upper

Canada, 1850-1851, Serie G, Volume No. 247. Correspondence re

Navigation Laws, 1848-1849, King's College, 1844-1848, Serie G, Volume

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Bytown Periodicals, 1857-1860, Serie M, Volume No. 796. Drafts of

letters from Governor-General's Secretary, 1839-1855, Serie G, Volumes

No. 240-241. Stipend to Minister at Sorel, 1846-1848, Serie G, Volume

No. 243. Correspondence re McGill College, 1840-1850, Serie G, Volume

No. 243. War Steamers on the Lakes, 1844-1849, Serie G, Volume No. 244.

Despatches referred to Executive Council, Serie E. Original Blue Books,

Serie E. Minutes of Executive Council, correspondence, registers,

indexes, etc., Serie E.