Durham John George Lambton Earl Of 1792-1840 Entered British

Parliament, 1814, for county of Durham, and won recognition as an

advanced Reformer. Brought forward plan of parliamentary reform in 1821.

Raised to peerage, 1828. Member of Grey's ministry, 1830. Sent to St.

Petersburg on special mission, 1833. Ambassador to Russia, 1836. Sent to

Canada in 1838 to bring order out of the chaos of the Rebellion. His

famous Report followed. His policy in Canada excited much opposition

both in Great Britain and Canada. The House of Lords voted disapproval

of some of his acts, and he took the extraordinary step of returning to

England without either being recalled or obtaining the royal consent.

Nevertheless the wisdom of his recommendations has since been abundantly

justified. Died at Cowes, in the Isle of Wight, soon after his return.