Bougainville Louis Antoine Comte De 1729-1811 Born In Paris

Educated for his father's profession of notary; and soon obtained

recognition as an advocate in the Parliament of Paris. As a student

displayed a remarkable talent for mathematics, and at the age of

twenty-two wrote the first volume of a treatise on the Integral

Calculus. His mathematical work recognized by the Royal Society in

electing him to a fellowship. Joined the army in 1755, and the next year

came to Canada as M
ntcalm's aide-de-camp. Played an important part in

the siege of Quebec, and wrote an elaborate journal of the campaign,

much of which appears to have been incorporated in Montcalm's Journal,

published by Abbe Casgrain. Returned to France in 1760, and after

serving in Germany, joined the navy. From 1766 to 1769 made a voyage

around the world; served in the West Indies during the Revolutionary

War, and commanded the van of the French fleet in the action off

Chesapeake Bay. Retired from active service, 1790; nominated by Napoleon

to the Senate, and raised to the nobility. =Index=: (Wolfe / Montcalm era) Aide-de-camp to

Montcalm, 1; despatched to France to represent desperate state of

colony, 62; commands Grenadiers along Beauport shore, 85; incurs Bigot's

hostility, 88; ordered to protect country west of Quebec, 151, 158;

interview with Montcalm at Beauport, 160; Vaudreuil writes that safety

of colony is in his hands, 161; duped by Wolfe's strategy, 177;

criticized by Chevalier Johnstone, 177; his promotion due to court

favour, 177; disregards instructions of governor by changing commander

at Le Foulon, 178; great reliance placed on him, 178; his failure to

reinforce post at the Foulon, 178, 184; his failure to follow British

fleet down from Cap Rouge, 184; held responsible for disaster, 210; his

delay at Sillery, 211; arrives after battle, 222; his letter to

Ramezay, regarding provisions, 226; holds his position at Cap Rouge

while rest of army retreats, 229; on march to Quebec, hears of

capitulation, 234; replaces Lusignan at Ile-aux-Noix, 245; congratulates

Levis on victory of Ste. Foy, 267. =Bib.=: Works: Traite du Calcul

Integral; Voyage autour du Monde; Essai Historique sur les

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Septentrionale (ibid., Vol. III). His letters are printed in Doughty,

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