Bourgeoys Marguerite 1620-1700 Born At Troyes In Champagne

Entered the convent of the Congregation of Notre Dame at the age of

twenty, and while there decided to devote her life to the colony of New

France. Arrived in Quebec in September, 1653, and went on immediately to

the new settlement of Montreal. In 1657 opened the first school, in a

stable granted her by Maisonneuve. In the same year built a wooden

chapel in Montreal. Founded the Congregation do Notre Dame de Montreal

1659, and in 1686 built the convent. In 1675, with funds obtained

from France built the church of Bonsecours. =Index=: (Bishop Laval era) Establishes

school at Ville Marie (Montreal), 9; her services to the sick on board

the St. Andre, 32; her labours in instruction of the young, 91; her

educational work, 126; Abbe Verreau on influence exerted by, 127; founds

Bonsecours Chapel, 177. (Count Frontenac era) Establishes Congregation de Notre Dame, 29,

39; impressed on arrival by poverty of country, 39. =Bib.=: Ransonet,

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