Boucher De Grosbois Et De Boucherville Pierre 1622-1717 Came To

Canada in 1634 with his father; served as a soldier of the little

garrison of Quebec in 1641. Four years later settled at Three Rivers,

and having made himself familiar with several Indian languages, employed

as interpreter. For nearly a quarter of a century served the town of his

adoption in various capacities, civil and military. Filled the office of

governor of Three Rivers, with short intervals, from 1652 to 1667.

Visited France in 1661-1662, received by Louis XIV, and given a patent

of nobility, and on his return to Canada brought out a number of

colonists. In 1667 retired to his seigniory of Boucherville. Left a

brief but interesting history of New France, written in 1663, while he

was still governor of Three Rivers, and published the following year.