Brant Joseph 1742-1807 A Mohawk Indian Chief Whose Native Name

was Thayendanegea. Educated at an Indian school in Connecticut. Visited

England in 1775. In the Revolutionary War sided with the British and

rendered valuable service. Revisited England after the war. Translated

the Book of Common Prayer and St. Mark's Gospel into the Mohawk tongue

(London, 1787). =Index=: (John Graves Simcoe era) Mohawk Indian, distrusted by Simcoe, 75,

125; visits Philadelphia and received by Washington as Indian

121; part taken by, in subsequent negotiations, 124, 125; loss of

influence with his own people, 125; his motives and policy, 126, 128,

129; kills his son Isaac in self-defence, 192. (Sir Frederick Haldimand era) Commands scouting

parties, 153; made a colonel of Indians on Haldimand's recommendation,

154; did not harm women or children, 154, 170; his success against rebel

force under Lockerby, 169; advises reserve for Six Nation Indians, 258;

highly esteemed by Haldimand, 300; Allan MacLean's opinion of, 308;

visits Haldimand in London, 327. =Bib.=: Stone, Life of Brant;

Cruikshank, Joseph Brant in the American Revolution; Eggleston, Brant

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