Bompas William Carpenter 1853-1906 Born In London England

Ordained deacon, 1859; priest, 1865; came to Canada latter year and

assigned to the Mackenzie River district. In 1874 consecrated bishop of

Athabaska. In 1884 transferred to see of Mackenzie River, and in 1891 to

that of Selkirk. Author of a number of primers in the Athabaskan and

Algonquian languages, as well as in Eskimo. =Bib.=: Diocese of

Mackenzie River; Cody, An Apostle of the North; Machray, Archbishop

Machray; Mockridge, Bishops of the Church of England in Canada and

Newfoundland. For his native primers, see Pilling, Bibliography of

Athabaskan Languages.