Walker Sir Hovenden 1660-1726 Born In Somersetshire England

Entered the navy; in 1691-1692 captain of the Vulture fireship; in

1695 in command of the Foresight, and in 1696, when in charge of

convoy, had a successful action with two French frigates when off the

Lizard; in 1710 rear-admiral, and in 1711 knighted. In command of the

fleet which, in August, 1711, sailed up the St. Lawrence River for the

conquest of Canada. Stormy weather and fog combined to wreck the greater

part of the fleet, and the ships returned to England without meeting the

French. In 1715, either on account of the failure of the Canadian

expedition or on suspicion of being a Jacobite, dismissed from the

British navy. In 1720 published a pamphlet in defence of the abortive

expedition to Canada. =Index=: (Wolfe / Montcalm era) Loss of his fleet at Seven Islands,

83. =Bib.=: Dict. Nat. Biog.