Wakefield Edward Gibbon 1796-1862 Born In London England

Educated at Westminster and at Edinburgh. One of the founders of the

National Colonization Society in 1830. In 1838 accompanied Lord Durham

(q.v.) to Canada as unofficial adviser. Assisted Durham in drawing up

the Report on the Affairs of British North America. In 1843 elected to

the Canadian Parliament; at the same time secret adviser to Sir Charles

Metcalfe. Founded the Colonial Reform Society, 1850. In 1853 removed to

New Zealand and became adviser to the acting governor, Colonel Robert

Wynyard. =Index=: (Baldwin / La Fontaine / Hincks era) Private adviser to Sir Charles Bagot, 150;

attacked by Tory press, 150; elected for Beauharnois, 177; his views on

colonization, 177; in Canada with Durham, 177-178; his share in the

Report, 178; his land scheme, 178; relations to Bagot and Metcalfe, 178;

attacks La Fontaine-Baldwin party, and defends Metcalfe, 218-220.