Von Shoultz

A Polish gentleman, settled in the United States. During

the Rebellion of 1837-1838, led a party of American sympathizers over

the border. They seized a windmill near Prescott, and held it for eight

days, but were finally dislodged and captured. Von Schoultz and ten

others were tried by court martial and hanged. =Index=: (William Lyon Mackenzie era) Plans

attack on Prescott, 442; officers oppose plans, 442; lands at Prescott,

443; engagement at Windmill Point, 443; surrender, 444; execution, 444.

(Sir John A Macdonald era) With rebel Americans in encounter near Prescott, 8; Macdonald

counsel for, in court martial, 8-9; executed, 9. =Bib.=: Dent, Upper

Canadian Rebellion; Pope, Memoirs of Sir John A. Macdonald.