Price James Hervey 1797-1882 Born In England Came To Canada And

settled at Toronto, 1828. Studied law and called to the bar, 1833. Took

a leading part in the agitation preceding the Rebellion of 1837, but not

concerned in the Rebellion itself. Elected to the Canadian Assembly as

member for the 1st Riding of York, 1841; during the succeeding years one

of the most influential members of the Assembly; held office as

commissioner of crown lands in the La Fontaine-Baldwin government,

8-1851; defeated at the election of 1851 and retired from public

life. Returned to England and settled at Shirley, near Southampton. Died

in Shirley. =Index=: (Lord Elgin era) Returned to Parliament, 1848, 50; commissioner

of crown lands, in La Fontaine-Baldwin ministry, 53; his views on Clergy

Reserves, 160, 161, 162. (Baldwin / La Fontaine / Hincks era) Commissioner of crown lands--supports

Baldwin, 214; his resolution, 215, 216; elected for York, 279;

commissioner of crown lands, 284; resolution on Clergy Reserves, 346,

348. (William Lyon Mackenzie era) At Doel's brewery, 330; rebels meet at his house, 362. =Bib.=:

Dent, Upper Canadian Rebellion and Last Forty Years.