Prescott Sir Robert 1725-1816 Born In Lancashire England

Educated for the army. Promoted captain of the 15th Foot, 1755; served

in the expeditions against Rochefort, 1757, and Louisbourg, 1758.

Aide-de-camp to Amherst, 1759; afterwards served under Wolfe in Canada.

Promoted major, 1761; lieutenant-colonel, 1762. During the American

Revolution, 1775, took part in the battle of Long Island, and at the

attack on Fort Washington; engaged in the expedition against

Philadelphia, 1
77; promoted brevet-colonel, and took part in the battle

of Brandywine; promoted colonel, 1780; major-general, 1781;

lieutenant-general, 1793. Sent in 1794 to Martinique, which he reduced.

On April 10, 1796, appointed governor of Canada in succession to Lord

Dorchester, who was recalled. In that year the fortifications at Quebec

were greatly strengthened under his direction. In 1797 also appointed

governor of Nova Scotia and of New Brunswick. Held all three positions

until his recall to England, 1799. =Index=: (General Brock era) Succeeds Dorchester as

governor of Canada, 38. (Lord Dorchester era) Succeeds Dorchester as governor, 303.