Founded by Antoine de la Motte Cadillac (q.v.) in 1701. The

fort remained under Cadillac's command until 1710. A census taken that

year shows six settlers cultivating the land, and twenty-nine soldiers,

traders, etc., occupying houses within the fort. De la Forest succeeded

Cadillac at the fort, 1710. Fort surrendered to the British, 1760.

Pontiac laid siege to the fort, 1763, but failed to capture it.

Transferred to U
ited States, 1796. Captured by Brock, in War of 1812;

restored by treaty of Ghent. =Index=: (John Graves Simcoe era) The most important of western

fortified posts, 51; Great Britain retains possession of, pending

settlement of certain questions, 55, 119; threatened by army under

Wayne, 133; handed over to United States, 142; River aux Raisins the

boundary of territory dependent on, during British occupation, 145. (Lord Dorchester era)

Defence of by Major Gladwin, 5; retained with other western posts as

security for proper treatment of loyalists, 231; handed over to United

States, 291. (General Brock era) Founded by La Motte Cadillac, its exciting history,

54; Brock determines to attack, 248; its strength and garrison, 249,

250; attacked, 251, 254; Hull surrenders with his whole army, 255;

important results of capture, 256. (Mackenzie / Selkirk / Simpson era) Under French regime, 11; in days

of North West Company, 12. (Sir Frederick Haldimand era) Company of 8th Regiment sent to, 137; a

source of anxiety, 145; De Peyster in command at, 146, 158;

reinforcements sent to, 153; Jehu Hay, lieutenant-governor of, in 1784,

158; doubtful subjects settle round, 161; difficulty of navigation to,

163; Haldimand's letter to Henry Hamilton, lieutenant-governor at, on

means for recovery of Illinois country, 167; unfortunate expedition

from, 168; Haldimand's letter to De Peyster on importance of, 260; boat

built at by North West Company, 262; Major Mathews, lieutenant-governor

at, in 1787, 332. =Bib.=: Cadillac Papers (Mich. Pion. & Hist.

Coll., vol. 33 et seq.); Parkman, Conspiracy of Pontiac; Lucas,

Canadian War of 1812.