Denys Nicolas 1598-1688 Born At Tours Early Took To Sea And In

1633 became interested in the fisheries of Nova Scotia. A short time

after made one of the lieutenants of Acadia under the Company of New

France, and settled at Miscou. In 1647 his fort seized by D'Aulnay, who

had just been made lieutenant-general of the colony. In 1650 his

establishment in Cape Breton captured and he himself taken prisoner. A

second attempt to settle in Cape Breton frustrated by Le Borgne.

Returned to
France in 1653, and received a grant of the islands of the

St. Lawrence, including a monopoly of the fur trade, and shortly after

became governor of that territory, together with Newfoundland. In 1667

obtained a confirmation of his rights, but in the winter of 1668-1669

his establishment at St. Peters completely destroyed by fire. In 1671

returned to France and engaged in the preparation of his work on Acadia.

About 1685 returned to Acadia, but his closing years darkened by the

scattering of his vast estates. Died three years later, at the age of 90

years. =Index=: (Samuel de Champlain era) Abandons Chedabucto and goes to Cape Breton, thence

to Miscou and Gaspe, 236. =Bib.=: Description and Natural History of

Acadia, ed. by Ganong. For biog., see Parkman, Old Regime.