Detroit And Erie

Fort de Detroit et ses Environs, 1768. MS. Plan of a

sketch of the Grand River and the Soundings. Plan of a sketch from Fort

Erie along the North Shore of Lake Erie round Long Point to where it

joins the main Land with the Soundings, W. Chewett, Niagara, Aug. 28,

1793. MS. Plan of Fort Erie and surroundings showing the sites of the

old and proposed forts, surveyed lots, 1794. Original coloured MS. Plan

of ground at mou
h of Detroit River, Captain W. Mayne, Sept. 8, 1796.

Original MS. 1796, Sketch of the Communication between Lake Ontario and

Lake Erie. MS. Plan of the Situation of Fort Erie, with the new Works

and buildings proposed. Submitted by Gother Mann, Colonel Commanding

Royal Engineer, Quebec, Aug. 1, 1803. MS. At Detroit, Plan of Fort

L'Arnaud, as it is repaired at this present date, 1812. Fort l'Arnaud at

Detroit, surrendered to Major-General Isaac Brock, Aug. 16, 1812. J. B.

Duberger, Jr. Coloured MS. Plan of the Country round Fort Erie, showing

the retrenchments thrown up by the Enemy in August, 1814. Position,

Aug. 8, 1814, P. A. Hughes, Lieutenant-Colonel Commanding Royal

Engineers. With a letter to Lieutenant-General Mann, dated Montreal,

Oct. 7, 1814. Original MS. Survey of Lake Erie, in the years 1817 and

1818, by Lieutenant Henry W. Bayfield, R.N. Insets "Entrance to the

River Niagara" and "Survey of the Mouth of the River Detroit." MS.