Baptist Church

Like several other religious denominations in Canada,

it had its origin in Nova Scotia. Some Baptists were living in Lunenburg

as early as 1753. In 1800 the first Baptist Association was formed at

Granville, Nova Scotia, and by 1850 there were Baptist Associations in

many parts of the province. In 1828 the Nova Scotia Baptist Educational

Society was established. The first church was built in Montreal, 1830;

and in 1834
the Baptist Seminary of New Brunswick was founded at

Fredericton. In 1852 the Baptist Missionary Society of Canada was

established. Since then the Baptists have grown rapidly in all the

provinces, and several Baptist colleges and institutions have been

established, notably Acadia and McMaster Universities (q.v.). The

Baptist Church was organized in British Columbia in 1877. =Index=: (Wilmot era)

First founded in Fredericton, 1813, 10; represented by one member in

Legislative Council, 69. =Bib.=: Wells, History of the Baptist

Denomination in Canada, in Canada: An Ency., vol. 3; Hill, Forty

Years with the Baptist Ministers and Churches of the Maritime Provinces

of Canada.