Baldwin La Fontaine Hincks And Their Time

Minutes of Executive

Council, Correspondence, registers, indexes, etc., Serie E, 1837-40.

Correspondence between Colonial Office and Governor-General of Canada,

Serie G, 1830-1850. Military Secretary's Correspondence, Serie GS. Civil

Secretary's Correspondence, Serie GS. Provincial Secretary's

Correspondence, Serie S. Original Blue Books, Serie E. Sketch of the

Baldwin Family, Serie M, Volumes No. 393-27-28. La Fontaine's

certificate of baptism, Oct. 4, 1807. La Fontaine's commission as

advocate, 18-8, 829, Serie S. La Fontaine's Correspondence re

Rebellion and Grievances, 1838-1839, Serie S. Responsible Government,

Serie M, Volume No. 682. Collection of letters presented by Sir Francis

Hincks, Serie M, Volumes No. 116-2. Correspondence and papers relating

to the Rebellion in Lower Canada, 1837-1840, Serie S.