Bathurst Henry Third Earl 1762-1834 Succeeded To The Title 1794

Entered Parliament, 1793; president of the board of trade, 1807; foreign

secretary, 1809; and secretary for war and the colonies, 1812. Directed

Britain's colonial policy during the important administrations of

Prevost, Sherbrooke, and Dalhousie, in Lower Canada, and of Gore and

Maitland, in Upper Canada. Lord president of the Council, 1828-1830; one

of the original members of the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council,

1833. =Index=: (Lord Sydenham era) Colonial secretary, his despatch on Clergy Reserves

question, 240. (General Brock era) His despatch praising Brock and his officers and

announcing bestowal of K. C. B. on Brock, 296. =Bib.=: Dict. Nat.

Biog.; Courts and Cabinets of George IV.