Baldwin William Warren

Born in Ireland. Came to Canada 1798, and

finally settled in York, now known as Toronto. Represented Norfolk in

the Legislature of Upper Canada. Died 1844. =Index=: (Baldwin / La Fontaine / Hincks era) Comes to

Canada 1798, 23; practises medicine at York, 24; opens a classical

school, 24, 106; practises law, 25; his marriage, 25; father of Robert

Baldwin, 25; purchases "Spadina," 26; political views, 26-27; chairman

of public meeting in Willis affair, 28; president of Constitutional

Reform Society, 42; member of Legislative Council, 177. (William Lyon Mackenzie era) Upholds

Judge Willis, 132; protests against his removal, 133. =Bib.=: Rose,

Cyc. Can. Biog.; Dent, Can. Por. and Last Forty Years; Scadding,

Toronto of Old.