Kempt Sir James 1764-1854 Commanded Brigade In Peninsula 1812

and division at Waterloo, 1815; governor of Nova Scotia, 1820-1828; and

governor of Canada, 1828-1830. Made a privy-councillor, 1830;

master-general of ordnance, 1834-1838; general, 1841. =Index=: (Baldwin / La Fontaine / Hincks era) His

efforts at conciliation, 20. (Louis Joseph Papineau era) Succeeds Lord Dalhousie as governor,

70; his attitude towards Canadians, 70; his report, 1829, on the

political situation in Lower Canada, 71. =Bib.=: Morgan, Cel. Can.;

Dict. Nat. Biog.; Christie, History of Lower Canada.