Chauvin Pierre Sieur De Tonnetuit

A Huguenot, born at Dieppe.

Appointed captain of the garrison at Honfleur, 1589. Obtained trading

monopoly for ten years in Canada. Made a trading voyage to Canada, 1600,

bringing out a few colonists, whom he landed at Tadoussac. Sailed again

the following year, with a larger fleet, but no colonists; and again in

1602. Died, 1603. =Index=: (Samuel de Champlain era) Attempts to form settlement at

Tadoussac, 8; left in charge of Quebec colony, 54. (Count Frontenac era) Obtains patent

for exclusive trade in Canada, 2; sails for the St. Lawrence, 3. =Bib.=:

Biggar, Early Trading Companies of New France.