Chatham William Pitt First Earl Of 1708-1778 The Great

Commoner," who brought England "to a height of prosperity and glory

unknown to any former age." He urged continually a conciliatory policy

towards America, until it became apparent that the colonists would be

satisfied with nothing less than independence. His broad outlook and

unerring instinct in the choice of men were chiefly responsible for the

triumphs of British policy at home and abroad. Sent Boscawen and Amherst

to the capture of Louisbourg, and Wolfe and Saunders to victory at

Quebec. =Index=: (Lord Dorchester era) Opposes Quebec Act, 65. =Bib.=: Almon, Anecdotes

and Speeches of Chatham; Rosebery, William Pitt; Green, William

Pitt, Earl of Chatham; Correspondence of William Pitt with Colonial

Governors, ed. by Kimball. See his letters and instructions to Wolfe,

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