Brebeuf Jean De 1593-1649 Born Of A Noble Family Of Normandy

Came to Canada, 1625; spent the winter of 1625-1626 among the

Algonquins. In the latter year, after a long and difficult journey by

way of the Ottawa and Lake Nipissing, reached the villages of the

Hurons, on Georgian Bay, where he established the first mission.

Returned to Quebec in 1629, and in 1634 re-established the Huron

mission. In 1640 made an unsuccessful attempt to establish a mission

among the intractable Neutral Nation, north of Lake Erie. Returned to

the Huron mission, where, in 1649, he was captured by the Iroquois, and

burned at the stake with unmentionable cruelties. His skull is preserved

in the Hotel-Dieu at Quebec. =Index=: (Samuel de Champlain era) Sails for New France on De

Caen's vessel, 152; returns to College of Rouen, 207; returns to Canada,

228; goes to Huron country, 249. (Bishop Laval era) Sufferings and death of, 5, 62.