Bernieres Henri De 1635-1700 Born In France Came To Canada With

Laval in 1659. Cure of Quebec, 1660-1687; and grand-vicar of the bishop

of Quebec. First superior of the Seminary of Quebec, 1663, holding that

position till 1688 and from 1693 to 1697. =Index=: (Count Frontenac era) Grand-vicar of

bishop of Quebec, 111. (Bishop Laval era) Head of retreat at Caen, 24; first superior

of Quebec Seminary, 55; transfers his personal income to seminary, 56;

administers diocese in Laval's absence, 134; claims ecclesiastical

rights, 163; made dean of Chapter, 197; his death, 239. =Bib.=: Jesuit

Relations, ed. by Thwaites; Gosselin, Henri de Bernieres.