Belleau Sir Narcisse 1808-1894 Born In The City Of Quebec And

educated there. In 1852 a member of the Legislative Council, and in

1857-1862 Speaker. Mayor of Quebec, 1860, when King Edward VII, as

Prince of Wales, visited Canada, and knighted on the occasion. In 1862

appointed minister of agriculture in the Cartier-Macdonald ministry; and

in 1865 premier and receiver-general in a coalition government.

Appointed lieutenant-governor of the province of Quebec, 1867; resigned

in 1873. =Index=: (George Brown Era) Succeeds Sir E. P. Tache as titular head of

coalition government--proposed by J. A. Macdonald, and accepted by

George Brown, 191; Macdonald the virtual leader of government, 191. (Sir Georges E. Cartier era)

His connection with British North America Act, 102-103.. (Sir John A Macdonald era) Nominal

head of government, 1865, 123. =Bib.=: Rose, Cyc. Can. Biog.; Taylor,

Brit. Am.; Dent, Last Forty Years.