Bering Vitus 1681-1741 Born At Horsens Denmark Joined The

Russian navy in 1704; and in 1725 sent by Peter the Great to explore the

waters east of Kamchatka, and examine the American coast. After a

three-years' journey overland, reached the eastern coast of Siberia,

built vessels there, and in 1728 followed the coast north to the Arctic,

proving that Asia and America were not united. In 1733 set out again on

the long overland journey, hampered with a huge retinue, and it was not

until 1741 that his ships were ready at Petropaulovsk. Sailed to the

east, reached and explored the American coast, and was wrecked on what

was afterwards known as Bering Island, where he died, Dec. 8, 1741.